Hair Care Products

Using the right hair care products at home is an important part of your hair management routine. After all, you’ve invested time and money at the salon to have your hair looking fabulous, so why not continue to keep your hair in tip top condition?

All of our professional hairdresser preferred hair care products are sourced from the highest quality suppliers and luxurious brands. We have a fabulous range of products from vegan-friendly cosmetics to essential oils, we aim to provide everything you need to feel beautiful and refreshed.

Urban Alchemy

Urban Alchemy is an innovative range of professional hair care products that allows you to achieve the best results from your in-salon treatments and colouring. Urban Alchemy provides better absorption of hair care products and treatments and is the ideal pre-colouring treatment.

Fab Pro

Evo Fab Pro is a unique customised colour maintenance system that gives you the power to perfectly maintain any hair colour in between salon visits.

Phillip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley are Trichological hair care experts with over 65 years experience in the science of the hair and scalp. Each formulation is inspired by the real-life hair and scalp concerns seen in their Clinics in London and New York every day. And each is designed not only to improve your hair’s appearance, but to improve its long-term health and strength too.


OLAPLEX’s patented bond rebuilding system starts in the salon and enables you to continue improving your hair through a range of retail hair care products at home. OLAPLEX restores damaged and compromised hair by repairing from the inside out. OLAPLEX repairs all types of hair from damage caused by chemical, thermal, mechanical, pollution and environmental factors.


MOROCCANOIL is the leader and pioneer in argan oil-infused beauty products. What began a decade ago as a single, revolutionary product that pioneered a new category in the beauty industry, has grown into a full line of hair care and styling products. All infused with nourishing antioxidant-rich argan oil, a signature scent and offering a unique approach to hair care and styling that not only leaves hair naturally smooth and shiny but also improves its condition with each use.